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‘I Mistakenly Thought Severe Anxiety was a Good Thing’ – Vinson & Elkins London Head Opens Up About Mental Health

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Vinson & Elkins London Office Managing Partner Nick Henchie discusses recognising mental health issues, seeking support, the importance of openness and honesty, and supporting the next generation of lawyers facing similar challenges.

Have you ever experienced mental health issues related to work? 

When I look back on my career, I definitely had mental health struggles from very early on, but I don’t think I properly recognised that I had until I started having some therapy six months ago. There was never a crisis moment as such – worrying, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and stress are things I have lived with for many long years. On the train to work or after work I would often have a little cry to myself, and think, ‘God, I just wish I didn’t feel like this,’ but for decades I just accepted it as being part and parcel of the job – the price you pay.

I also mistakenly thought severe anxiety was a good thing because it spurred me on and motivated me to get up early, work long hours and get out of my comfort zone. This wasn’t instinct for me; it was a fear of failure more than anything.

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