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Our History

A century ago, William A. Vinson and James A. Elkins were brought together by a shared desire—to create an enduring partnership of outstanding professionals that clients could rely upon for their legal needs. As we reflect on our past and look forward to our future, we want to express our gratitude to our clients for placing their trust in us and to all members of the V&E family, past and present, who helped fulfill our founders’ vision.

  • Celebrating 100 Years

    "I Accept"

    A century ago, two ambitious men from small towns in Texas came together to create a partnership that would endure for a hundred years and counting.

    Two Ambitious Men (00:00:27)

    The Foundation of V&E (00:02:36)

  • "A Symbiotic Relationship"

    Vinson and Elkins establish early connections with oil wildcatters, bankers and politicians, creating for the firm a client base that would nurture its growth beyond its competitors.

    Growth at V&E (00:02:06)

    The Suite 8F Group (00:01:49)

  • "A Progressive Law Firm on the Move"

    After Vinson’s death, a change in leadership prompted a new direction for the firm—one that would root itself in attracting diverse, world-class talent.

    Quiet Dignity & A Friendly Smile (00:00:37)

    The Race for Talent Was On (00:01:52)

    Committed to Diversity (00:01:32)

  • "A Law Firm is All About its People"

    As the firm continued to grow—nationally and internationally—it quickly learned that retaining its culture of comradeship was paramount.

    The Culture of V&E (00:02:27)

    Our Greatest Asset (00:02:02)

  • "The Best Is Yet to Come"

    V&E leadership looks forward with hope for the next hundred years, while not forgetting the sacrifices and commitment of our predecessors.

    The Future of V&E (00:01:29)

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