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Laterals Hero

Experienced Lawyers

At Vinson & Elkins, we recognize the importance of recruiting experienced lawyers who can contribute to the growth of our practice and support our diverse client base. We look for exceptional lawyers at a variety of seniority levels who reflect our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and teamwork.

Vinson & Elkins offers laterals a unique environment where you can grow both professionally and personally. Our entrepreneurial culture encourages innovation and collaboration. Sophisticated legal work and top-notch professional development programs will offer you a challenging and rewarding opportunity to develop your practice. And the firm’s “open door” approach provides attorneys at all levels input on firm initiatives.

  • Tom Leatherbury, Partner, Talent Management Chair

    "Lateral hiring is an important part of Vinson & Elkins’ strategy. Attorneys who come to the firm through the lateral process bring not only impressive skills, but insights gained from prior experience that contribute to V&E’s continued success and to theirs."

    Tom Leatherbury, Partner, Talent Management Chair
  • What our laterals say:

  • Kai Liekefett, Partner, M&A, Houston

    "When we were expecting our first child, my wife and I were considering leaving New York and moving to Houston for the lower cost of living and better quality of life. At the same time, it was important to me that I could continue to work on high-profile, Wall Street-level M&A deals. After studying the legal market in Texas, I realized that there is only one firm in Houston with a steady stream of billion dollar M&A deals. I only sent one application. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I enjoy terrific work and made Partner, which proves how successful laterals can be at V&E."

    Kai Liekefett, Partner, M&A, Houston
  • Craig Seebald, Partner, Antitrust, Washington, DC

    "Among the many attractions V&E held for me was the incredible opportunity to be affiliated with one of the great international law firms with one of the most impressive rosters of clients around the world and with a wonderful, collaborative culture. V&E provides a great platform for us with our deep presence in Asia and other international regions and its strong M&A, IP, and existing antitrust capabilities."

    Craig Seebald, Partner, Antitrust, Washington, DC
  • Jessica Mussallem, Partner, Litigation, San Francisco

    "After leaving V&E for a few years to live abroad, I was thrilled to be able to return to the firm to help start our San Francisco office. What sets V&E apart in my view is not only does it provide a range of opportunities and the chance to work on highly sophisticated and interesting matters, but there is also a truly distinct culture and dedication to providing its lawyers with the support they need to provide top-level service to our clients."

    Jessica Mussallem, Partner, Litigation, San Francisco