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With the Clean Power Plan Under Attack Could a Climate NAAQS be Next?

While on the campaign trail, President Trump made several statements suggesting that he will seek to reverse many of the regulations and guidance documents that constitute President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, including the Clean Power Plan. Recent actions and statements by the Trump Administration have further signaled the potential for a significant reversal of U.S. climate policy. Given that the new Administration is unlikely to pursue further policies aimed at cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and may even attempt to roll back some existing regulations, many environmental organizations and think tanks are considering alternative measures to achieve emission reductions.

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Supreme Court Stays Clean Power Plan, What’s EPA’s Next Move?

In an unprecedented order issued last night, the Supreme Court stayed the implementation of the Obama Administration’s greenhouse gas emission standards for existing power plants, commonly referred to as the Clean Power Plan (“CPP”).  Earlier this year, the D.C. Circuit denied a similar request to stay the implementation of the CPP while legal challenges to the rule proceed, a sign that the D.C. Circuit merits panel is inclined to uphold the CPP.

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