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Hi-Tech Law & Litigation

News and Insights on Legal Developments Affecting the World of Technology

Unlike other narrowly focused “tech” blogs, we offer many different angles on this topic, and include analysis involving intellectual property, antitrust, contracts, cybersecurity and data protection, life sciences, digital media, and commercial speech. We strive and hope to provide a fairly comprehensive view of the most important developments and trends facing the makers – and consumers – of technology. Although we practice in different areas, we are united by our frequent client focus on, and our own personal interests in, technology.

Our series includes not only summaries of court decisions and regulatory developments, but also informed opinions and predictions about where the law governing technology is heading. We rely on public sources, but with a relentless focus on the practical, real-world implications of sometimes seemingly distant and disparate events. Please check back with us frequently for updates, commentary, and analysis.

Series Insights

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