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What’s Driving Transition Energy IPOs and SPAC Combinations?

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How a Combination of Capital Market Developments and Regulations Could Supercharge Growth

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This research updates last year’s report entitled, “Clean Energy IPOs and SPAC Combinations” published in August of 2020. While investments in “energy transition,” “clean energy” or with an “ESG focus” appear in the financial press almost daily, we are particularly focused on both “macro-themes” and the ways in which those themes may result in the creation of new public companies. Since that research was published in August of 2020, new public companies in the energy transition sector have emerged in two ways: traditional IPOs and DeSPAC business combination transactions, with the latter outpacing the former by a wide margin.

Table of Contents

  • Energy Transition Market Fundamentals: Anticipated Capital Expenditures Continue to Escalate As Do Dedicated Funds
  • Recent “Regular Way” IPOs
  • Energy Transition SPAC IPOs and DeSPAC Business Combination Transactions
  • Biden Administration Legislative and Tax Proposals and Other Regulatory Developments
  • Conclusion

The following Vinson & Elkins lawyers contributed to the production of this article Mary Alexander, Damien Lyster, David Cole, Sean Moran, John Decker, Andrew DeVore, Elizabeth Gerstner and Nina Ramachandran.

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