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One Tweet, and the World Is at Your Door

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Recent events show that all it takes is one tweet from even a midlevel manager of a company to create an international incident. We have previously written about having policies that restrict employees from speaking on behalf of the company when they are not authorized to do so. However, that does nothing to stop employees from generally saying what they wish on behalf of themselves on matters seemingly unrelated to their employer.

The key here is to recognize how quickly the world can be at your doorstep following such a communication from one of your employees and to comprehend the types of issues that may bring such attention. Obviously, issues under the broad range of international human rights can cause this attention. It is a rare business that is not in some way potentially impacted by events related to human rights around the world. For example, the local grocery store (hopefully) has a supply chain for bananas. When that chain leads to areas of the world where human rights are a concern, every link in the chain – including the grocery store – becomes just as open to disruption as the multinational corporations at the top of the chain.

Here in Texas, we particularly worry about these problems because the state’s primary industry, the energy industry, operates in many areas around the world where human rights concerns are common. We also have a significant trading partner to our south where these issues are an unfortunate concern.

With this context in mind, and in conjunction with the State Bar of Texas and its International Law Section and International Human Rights Committee, Vinson & Elkins is hosting an event in Houston on Tuesday, December 10 – Human Rights Day. The event will address these issues and how they may impact companies and their legal counsel in Texas. Click here for further information and registration details.

Only with an understanding of what the issues are and how they may impact your business can you prepare for that day when the world shows up on your door step.

This information is provided by Vinson & Elkins LLP for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be construed, as legal advice.