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Labor, Community Relations Issues Coming Under Biden Building Plan

Labor, Community Relations Issues Coming Under Biden Building Plan Background Image

Companies face significant opportunities if the new Biden administration infrastructure plan is funded, writes Tom Wilson, labor attorney at Vinson & Elkins LLP. The administration will likely want companies working on these projects to have suitable labor, subcontracting, community relations, and safety programs.

The U.S. appears positioned to make a roaring comeback if trillions of dollars in federal funding can be put to use for infrastructure development. Opportunities abound for companies around the world that can perform the work necessary to repair and improve the nation’s highways, bridges, rail connections, and ports.

But construction takes labor. That is why this program is called The American Jobs Plan. For companies looking to be a part of this effort, particularly for those working with the federal government as contractors or subcontractors, it is essential to understand what direction U.S. labor is taking.

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