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Astros and the Modern Workplace – Believing in Your Employees

The best managers believe in their employees and give them opportunities to succeed. The modern workplace is one that is heavily regulated and is often put under a microscope in social media and elsewhere. Under these circumstances, it can be a temptation for a manager to try to control all aspects of the workplace. But managers should be wary; this approach can backfire and demoralize the workforce.

We have frequently spoken in this blog about risk and how to measure it and address it. The bottom line is that the modern workforce inherently contains risk. The manager’s job is to decide where risks are best taken for the better of the company. At times, the manager needs to step back and let the workforce talent address an issue. Empowering employees in this way involves risks, but it can often lead to excellent results.

If you want an example of how well employee empowerment can work, look no further than the management style of A. J. Hinch, manager of the Houston Astros, and his ability to allow his players/employees to address issues. As in baseball games, the modern workplace can be challenging at times. To the extent that employers can empower employees to address challenges, not only can they be overcome, but the manager’s trust in employees and their ability to overcome such challenges may have a big payoff in the future.

Evidencing this approach, I have attached my photo from when I attended Game 5 of the World Series. As you may know, there were several moments in that game where the Astros had to overcome adversity. This photo is of one of those moments and what you will see are multiple player/employee meetings occurring. Of course, we all now know the result of that game. That outcome was possible, at least in part because of the manager’s approach of believing in his employees and allowing them to overcome the challenges on their own. Learning from this example can lead to better results in the modern workplace.

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