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The Perils, Pitfalls, and Positives of Privacy

Vinson & Elkins partners Devika Kornbacher and Jessica Heim join special guest speaker Nubiaa Shabaka, Chief Cybersecurity & Privacy Legal Officer of AIG, in a discussion with WomenCorporateDirectors’ Bay Area Chapter about the Perils, Pitfalls, and Positives of Privacy.  The panel will discuss the evolving rules surrounding privacy and how they apply to a company’s operations and board members’ obligations in monitoring compliance.

While cybersecurity is an important part of data privacy, compliance with data privacy laws consists of much more than shoring up the company’s walls against a breach. Targeted advertising, data sales, website scraping, biometric information, managing customer lists, and even how you deal with employee information are subject to a complex and fluid patchwork of regulation.  Whether your company operates globally, nationally, or regionally, there are evolving rules of the game.  The EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA have dominated headlines for good reason, but companies have been facing litigation under other regulatory schemes for years, and new legislation is on the horizon.

Knowing what rules apply to your operations and how to comply will be critical—regulators and consumers are paying attention to what is required, and bringing actions against businesses that fall short.  Please join us for a discussion on:

  • Developments in the legislative/regulatory landscape, including important jurisdictional reach of various laws.
  • Common pitfalls, mistakes, and lessons learned from recent privacy actions.
  • Questions you should be asking to align your company’s technology and business model with existing laws.
  • How companies are, and should be, dedicating resources to best address privacy compliance.