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Navigating Post-Covid Diligence Issues in M&A Transactions

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying market downturn have resulted in widespread uncertainty felt on a global scale – including in the M&A space. This webinar explored ways M&A transactions – particularly due diligence and related deal terms – have changed in the wake of the pandemic and how buyers and sellers can adapt their respective approaches to the critical due diligence step of a transaction.

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Travel restrictions, pandemic-related “stress test” analyses, and limited accessibility to key assets have already had a significant impact on the due diligence process, including the need to extend exclusivity periods and provide buyers with better visibility into a seller’s pre and post-COVID performance. An analyses of these considerations, as well as the need to address a target company’s legal, regulatory, human resources, insurance, financial, and operational soundness in light of COVID-19 will be discussed.

While this webinar covered these issues applicable to various industries, the presenters highlighted how such matters translate for technology-focused companies and investors.

This presentation was recorded and current as of September 24, 2020. Content viewed after this date may no longer be current.

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