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Crisis Planning: Part 1 – The Financial or Business Crisis Scenario

A sudden financial loss. The loss of a key executive. A business partner turns bad. In the first part of our crisis planning presentations, we will concentrate on internal business and financial crisis such as these, as opposed to the in the field crisis normally addressed under environmental, health and safety matters (which will be the second part).

In looking at these financial and business crisis, we will review issues related to how a company prepares for the press attention such crisis often bring. We will also address the government investigations that often accompany such crisis and how a company creates a plan to respond to such investigations. Unfortunately, these types of crisis often encourage the corporate raider and so we will discuss the plan for fending off such efforts. Finally, these types of crisis have significant impact on the people who must make the most decisions necessary for the survival of the company which means we must address how best to handle the human resources side of such crisis.

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