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All Star Business Development for Lawyers 2020

On March 12th, V&E partner Michael Holmes will participate in the “Rainmaker Session” webcast as part of the Practising Law Institute’s “All Star Business Development for Lawyers 2020” program. More specifically, Michael will speak on a panel at 10:15 AM entitled “In the Huddle: Law Firm Leaders Share Business Development Techniques for the Changing Environment.”

This program as a whole is designed for lawyers practicing in large or small firms and for those interested in growing their business or finding a new niche in which to practice. Anyone involved in managing a law firm’s business development or communications department also will benefit from hearing from these panels of experts.

Key Topics of the Program Will Include:

  • Discover the strategies and techniques that the most successful partners use to win and keep clients
  • Hear how CLOC and alternative legal service providers are impacting business development efforts
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of various business development approaches
  • Understand the big mistakes lawyers make related to pitching business and public relations
  • Learn the different roles that advertising, public relations, business development, and social media play in attorney and law firm marketing
  • Secrets of successful rainmakers, business development methods, victories and mistakes made along the way
  • Working effectively with your in-house marketing talent
  • Factors general counsel and legal operations professionals are looking at in 2020
  • Impact of procurement, preferred panels and marketing efforts in hiring
  • The next decade’s vision for innovation, diversity and social responsibility: what firms need to do to stay ahead