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Alexander Msimang

Alexander Msimang Partner, Energy Transactions & Projects

Alex has extensive experience with a broad range of energy-related projects and transactions, acting for buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, governments, regulators, and publicly, privately, and state-owned companies. He also has extensive experience with energy M&A, oil and gas transactions, African energy projects, and the UK and European power sector. Alex serves as Managing Partner of the London office.


Experience Highlights

  • Equinor (formerly Statoil) in its successfully completed $2.9 billion acquisition from Petrobras of a 25 per cent interest in the Roncador field, located in the Campos Basin in Brazil. The purchase price consists of an initial payment of $2.35 billion, plus additional contingent payments of up to $550 million
  • Equinor (formerly Statoil) in the $2.5‎ billion acquisition from Petrobras of a 66 per cent interest (and operatorship) in the Carcara field in block BM-S-8 offshore Brazil
  • Woodside on its approximately $430 million acquisition of the assets of ConocoPhillips in Senegal
  • A multinational oil and gas exploration company in the $2.9 billion sale of interests in production-sharing contracts and related assets located in the Republic of Uganda, and on related issues arising from the acquisition, sale, and development of its assets in Uganda
  • Helios Natural Resources Ltd (a Helios Investment Partners portfolio company) on the acquisition of a 29.4% shareholding in Eland Oil & Gas plc, an AIM-listed oil and gas company with an interest in an onshore oil field located in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
  • Equinor (formerly Statoil) in the $3.08 billion sale of a 40% share in the Peregrino oil field in Brazil to Chinese state-owned oil company Sinochem Group
  • Africa Oil Corp. on the successfully completed acquisition by Maersk Oil & Gas A/S of 50% of Africa Oil Corp's interests in upstream oil and gas blocks located in Kenya, and in the Rift Basin and South Omo in Ethiopia, for an aggregate consideration of up to $845 million; Named Oil & Gas Council’s African Deal of the Year 2015
  • Hawler Energy Limited in the sale of a 21% interest in the Bina Bawi exploration block in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Genel Energy plc for $240 million
  • An international energy company in its farm-out of assets in Mozambique and farm-in to assets in Suriname
  • A UK oil and gas exploration and development company in the proposed acquisition of interests in two upstream oil and gas exploration assets in Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)
  • Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation in connection with its C$10.3 billion acquisition of Addax Petroleum Corporation, a Canadian company publicly traded on the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges, with assets in West Africa and the Middle East; this deal was the largest overseas energy acquisition by a Chinese company to date, and was named a 2009 Deal of the Year by Asian-Counsel
  • A major European company in the financing in 2012 of telecoms and related infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region

Oil & Gas

  • A major European energy company in the proposed acquisition of offshore oil and gas assets in Nigeria with a value in excess of $2 billion
  • An international oil and gas company in the signed acquisition of producing North Sea assets with a value in excess of $400 million
  • A major energy company in the drafting and negotiation of production-sharing contracts and joint operating agreements relating to blocks in the Nigeria/Sao Tome Joint Development Zone
  • Representing an independent oil company in connection with multi-jurisdictional debt recovery proceedings (through both court proceedings and mediations)
  • A major Asian oil company in the proposed acquisition of offshore oil and gas interests on the Nigeria-Cameroon border, including full due diligence and analysis of issues surrounding the Nigeria-Cameroon border dispute
  • A major European-based energy company on the disposal of its interests in upstream assets in Federal Iraq
  • A major European energy company in the proposed acquisition of a company holding oil and gas assets located in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea
  • A Canadian energy company in the successful acquisition of interests in Nigerian offshore oil and gas assets, together with the drafting and negotiation of joint operating agreements and associated documentation

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • A major energy company in connection with the proposed acquisition (in joint venture with financial investors) of the 4,000 MW Drax coal-fired power plant, the largest coal-fired power station in the UK, for a consideration of approximately $4 billion
  • Led the team advising on the successful sale of the Enfield 400 MW combined-cycle gas turbine power project in London, including vendor due diligence, drafting and negotiating the sale and purchase documentation, and arranging for repayment of all project finance debt
  • A major corporation in its proposed acquisition (for a possible purchase price of approximately $1 billion) of 100 percent of the equity in the Saltend 1,200 MW combined heat and power project located in the north of England
  • A global chemicals company in the successful acquisition of a worldwide textile effects business with operations in more than 60 countries
  • European energy companies in the acquisition and development of windfarms in the UK

Project Development & Finance

  • A European energy company in the development of a major LNG plant in West Africa, including the acquisition of upstream natural gas reserves and the development of onshore liquefaction facilities and associated infrastructure
  • A multinational telecommunications company in the $900 million financing of new infrastructure in Nigeria secured by offshore oil reserves
  • A UK energy company in the development and financing of offshore gas fields in the Republic of Ireland, including drafting and negotiating gas sales arrangements, advising on gas transportation and regulation, and negotiating project financing and security documentation
  • An electricity utility in Croatia in one of the first independent power projects in the country, including assisting in the preparation of the RFP, PPA, and government support package, negotiating documentation with possible participants, and evaluating proposals
  • A major energy company in the development of power generation projects in West Africa, including advising on, drafting, and negotiating power purchase, interconnection, fuel supply, and government support arrangements
  • A U.S. power corporation in the development of UK and European power generation projects, including structuring, negotiating, and drafting fuel supply arrangements
  • A global energy company in gas transportation arrangements relating to development of a major project in India
  • As part of a team, the UK electricity regulator in the implementation of new electricity trading arrangements in England and the reform of the electricity pool

Experience Highlights


  • 代理一家油气勘探跨国公司办理价值为29亿美元的权益出售,其涉及产量分成合同和位于乌干达共和国的相关资产,并办理该公司与收购、出售和开发在乌干达的资产之相关事宜
  • 代理Helios自然资源有限公司(其是Helios投资合伙人公司的一家投资组合公司)收购Eland油气公司29.4%的股权。Eland油气公司是在伦敦证券交易所创业板市场上市的一家油气公司,其在位于尼日利亚尼日尔三角洲的陆上油田里拥有权益
  • 代理挪威国家石油公司以30.8亿美元将位于巴西的Peregrino油田40%的股份出售给一家中国国有石油公司,中国中化集团公司
  • 代理Hawler能源有限公司以2.4亿美元将位于伊拉克库尔德斯坦地区的Bina Bawi勘探区块21%的权益出售给吉尼尔能源公司
  • 代理一家国际能源公司进行其在莫桑比克资产的勘探权出让、及在苏里南资产的勘探权购买
  • 代理一家英国油气勘探和开发公司办理拟议中的权益收购,其涉及位于刚果共和国(布拉柴维尔)两项油气勘探上游资产
  • 代理中国石化国际石油勘探开发有限公司以103亿加元收购Addax石油公司,其是一家加拿大公司、在多伦多和伦敦证券交易所上市交易、且在西非和中东拥有资产;这项交易是截至目前由中国公司进行的最大一宗海外能源收购,并被《亚洲顾问》杂志评为“2009年年度最佳交易”
  • 代理一家欧洲主要公司在2012年办理融资,其涉及位于库尔德斯坦地区的电信和相关基础设施


  • 代理一家欧洲主要能源公司办理对位于尼日利亚的海洋油气资产进行拟议中的收购,其价值超过20亿美元
  • 代理一家国际油气公司对在产北海油田资产进行收购(已签约),其价值超过4亿美元
  • 代理一家主要能源公司就尼日利亚/圣多美联合开发区的若干区块起草并商谈相关产量分成合同和联合作业协议
  • 代理一家独立石油公司(通过法院诉讼和调解)办理涉及多个司法管辖区域的债务回收
  • 代理一家亚洲主要石油公司办理对位于尼日利亚-喀麦隆边境之海洋油气权益进行拟议中的收购,包括全面的尽职调查以及对尼日利亚-喀麦隆边境争端相关事项的分析
  • 代理一家位于欧洲的主要能源公司处置其位于伊拉克的上游资产的权益
  • 代理一家欧洲能源公司对一家持有位于尼日利亚和赤道几内亚的油气资产公司进行拟议中的收购
  • 代理一家加拿大能源公司成功地收购了尼日利亚海洋油气资产的权益,且起草并谈判联合作业协议和相关文件


  • 代理一家主要能源公司(以与金融投资机构组建合资企业的方式)以40亿美元对英国最大的燃煤发电站,装机容量为4,000兆瓦的Drax燃煤电厂进行拟议中的收购
  • 领导一个团队,为成功地出售位于伦敦的、装机容量为400兆瓦的恩菲尔德联合循环燃气轮机发电项目提供咨询,包括卖方尽职调查、起草并谈判买卖文件、以及安排对所有项目融资债务进行偿还
  • 代理一家主要公司对位于英格兰北部Saltend的、装机容量为1,200兆瓦的热电联产项目进行拟议中的收购(其估价大约为10亿美元)
  • 代理一家全球性化学品公司成功地收购了一家在60多个国家运营的世界性纺织染化企业
  • 代理若干家欧洲能源公司在英国收购和开发多个风电场


  • 代理一家欧洲能源公司在西非开发大型液化天然气工厂,包括收购上游天然气储备、开发陆上液化设施和相关基础设施
  • 代理一家跨国电信公司由其海洋石油储量作为担保对位于尼日利亚的新建基础设施提供9亿美元的融资
  • 代理一家英国能源公司开发位于爱尔兰共和国的海洋天然气田并提供融资,包括起草并谈判天然气销售安排、就天然气运输和监管提供咨询、以及谈判项目融资和担保文件
  • 代理一家克罗地亚电力公司办理该国的首批独立电力项目之一,包括协助拟备投标邀请函、电力购买协议和政府支持方案、与可能的参与方谈判文件、以及评估各项投标文件
  • 代理一家主要能源公司在西非开发发电项目,包括就电力购买、联网、燃料供应和政府支持安排提供咨询、起草文件并进行谈判
  • 代理一家美国电力公司在英国和欧洲开发发电项目,包括对燃料供应安排进行建构、谈判和起草相关文件
  • 代理一家全球性能源公司办理其与在印度开发大型项目相关的天然气运输安排
  • 作为团队成员代理英国电力监管机构在英格兰实施新的电力交易安排、并改革电力库

Contact Details


T +44.20.7065.6022
20 Fenchurch Street
24th Floor
London EC3M 3BY
United Kingdom
Local time: 8:45 PM
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Alex's Practices

  • College of Law, Law Society Finals, 1994
  • Oxford University, England, B.A., M.A., Law, 1992
  • Admitted to practice: Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales
    • Chambers Global, Energy & Natural Resources - UK (Foreign Expert), 2016−2019; Projects - Africa-wide, 2016−2019; Projects - UK (Foreign Expert), 2016−2019
    • Chambers UK, Energy and Natural Resources: Oil & Gas, 2016−2020
    • Energy and Natural Resources, Best of the Best 2016 – Expert Guides (The world’s leading lawyers chosen by their peers)
    • Legal Media Group’s (Euromoney’s) Expert Guide to Energy and Natural Resource Lawyers, 2013 and 2016
    • Legal 500: UK, Corporate and Commercial, M&A Upper Mid Market and Premium Deals, 2015−2018
    • Selected to the London Super Lawyers list, Energy & Natural Resources, London Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters), 2013 and 2015
    • Legal 500: UK, "Leading Lawyers" list, Projects, Energy and Natural Resources, 2013 and 2017
    • Legal 500: UK, Projects, Energy and Natural Resources: Power (including Electricity, Nuclear and Renewables), 2013 
    • Legal 500: UK, Projects, Energy and Natural Resources: Oil & Gas, 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2020
    • Legal 500: Latin America, Corporate & M&A, 2013 and 2019; Projects and Energy, 2019
    • Latin Lawyer 250, 2018
    • Selected as one of "The Top 100" lawyers in London, London Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters), 2013
    • UK Best Lawyers, (Woodward/White, Inc.), Energy & Natural Resources, 2013
    • Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, IFLR1000: The Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms, Project Finance, Banking, M&A, Project Development, United Kingdom, 2018
    • IFLR 1000's Sub-Saharan Africa Energy and Infrastructure Fund,Private Equity, Oil & Gas, Nigeria, East Africa, and Energy, 2013 and 2016
    • Who's Who Legal (Law Business Research Ltd.), Energy, 2016 and 2017
    • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards,Shortlisted for “Energy Lawyer of the Year–UK,” 2013
    • Legal 500: UK, Projects, Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas, 2011–2012
    • Legal 500 UK, Leading Lawyer,Projects, Energy and Natural Resources: Oil & Gas, 2012
    • International Who's Who of Oil & Gas Lawyers (Law Business Research Ltd.), 2012
    • International Who's Who of Oil & Gas Lawyers (Law Business Research Ltd.), nominated as a "Leading Practitioner in the Field of Oil & Gas," 2011
    • Chambers Global, Leader in their Field in Projects & Energy: Africa (Global), 2008–2013; Energy & Natural Resources: Overseas Counsel (Nigeria), 2008–2013; Projects: Regional Specialists (UK), 2012–2013; Projects (UK), 2013; Corporate/M&A: Regional Specialists, 2007–2012; Corporate/M&A (UK), 2012; Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas (UK), 2007–2013, 2019
    • Legal 500: UK, Projects, Energy & Natural Resources:Oil & Gas, 2009–2012
    • Legal 500: UK, Projects, Energy & Natural Resources:Power (including Electricity, Nuclear and Renewables), 2009–2012
    • Legal Experts, UK Legal Expert in Energy and Natural Resources, 2009-2012
    • Leader in the field of energy Chambers Europe, 2007
    • Legal 500: Guide to the UK Legal Profession, in Electricity, Nuclear, and Renewables law, 2006
    • Legal Media Group's (Euromoney's) Expert Guide to the World's Leading Energy and Natural Resource Lawyers, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011
    • International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers Oil and Gas (Law Business Research Ltd.),2007 and 2009
    • International Who’s Who of Oil & Gas Lawyers (Law Business Research, Ltd.), 2009 - 2012
    • Member: Association of International Petroleum Negotiators; UK Energy Lawyers' Group

    Solicitors and Registered Foreign Lawyers. A list of partner names is available for inspection at 20 Fenchurch Street, 24th Floor, London, EC3M 3BY. Vinson & Elkins RLLP is a limited liability partnership formed under the laws of New York authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (No. 0079019).