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Insights in Government Enforcement and Investigations

DOJ Antitrust Division Intervenes in Private No-Poach Class Action to Obtain Right to Enforce Settlement Agreement

On November 9, 2019, the DOJ Antitrust Division issued a press release detailing its role in the resolution of a private no-poach class action against Duke University and the University of North Carolina for their alleged agreement not to compete for each other’s medical faculty. Earlier this year, DOJ took the unprecedented step of intervening in the private litigation for the limited purpose of joining the proposed settlement to obtain the right to enforce injunctive relief against Duke.1

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Bid-Rigging Bonanza: DOJ Announces Criminal Charges in Three New Investigations

The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) ended its recent drought of new criminal antitrust cases by bringing bid-rigging charges under the Sherman Act against individuals in three separate cases over the past few weeks.1 These charges, two of which involve guilty pleas, are the first in each case, and confirm the Department’s continued prioritization of public bid-rigging cases and focus on individual accountability in the prosecution of criminal antitrust violations.

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