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EIA Releases Shale Resource Assessments for Four New Countries

The United States Energy Information Administration ("EIA") has released its first estimates of the technically recoverable shale oil and natural gas resources in Chad, Kazakhstan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates ("UAE"). EIA examined a total of 26 formations in 11 basins across the four countries. Out of the four countries, the UAE has the largest technically recoverable reserves of both shale/tight oil and shale gas in-place, with an estimated 22.6 billion barrels and 205 trillion cubic feet, respectively. Because there is no active shale exploration in these countries, EIA classified their reserves as "technically recoverable" rather than "economically recoverable." EIA has now assessed shale oil and natural gas resources across 46 countries. Read EIA's blog post detailing its new estimates here, and access EIA's full set of World Shale Resource Assessments here.

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