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False Claims Act Statistics, News & Analysis

  • 22
  • December
  • 2017

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LLB Hits DOJ's Recovery Stats On the Nose

Yesterday, on December 21, a little later and a bit more quietly than in past years, DOJ released its FCA recovery statistics for FY 2017. We are excited to share with our readers that this year LLB’s stats closely tracked DOJ’s! DOJ reports $3.70 billion in recoveries, compared to LLB’s estimate of a little under $3.58 billion. LLB also did well tracking industry recoveries. DOJ reports $2.47 billion versus LLB’s estimate of $2.60 billion in health care, $220 million versus LLB’s $149 million in defense, and $1.0 billion versus LLB’s $832 million in other industries. We are working to try to track down our missing hundred million and to see if we can figure out where we categorized settlements differently than DOJ, and will report back with our findings. Since our data turned out to be spot on, we stand by our analysis of the trends in FCA recoveries from earlier this year: DOJ recoveries under the Trump administration and after Escobar have largely continued apace with the past few years, setting aside last year’s one-off $1 billion blockbuster recovery in the banking sector.

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