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Daily Fracking News

Each day, the Vinson & Elkins Fracking Task Force reviews news headlines and blog posts to hand pick the stories and commentary most relevant to our clients involved in shale and fracking. 

Macri’s energy reverse unnerves Argentina’s shale investors 06-29-2018 | Financial Times

Originally published June 28, 2018.

US reliance on Opec endures despite shale boom 06-29-2018 | Financial Times

U.S. Oil Prices Surge to Highest Since 2014 06-29-2018 | Wall Street Journal

The Texas Well That Started a Revolution 06-29-2018 | Wall Street Journal

Natural gas execs see 'century of supply' in U.S. shale 06-28-2018 | Reuters

Originally published June 27, 2018.

USGS: South Texas' Eagle Ford could have 8.5 billion barrels of oil 06-28-2018 | Houston Chronicle

Originally published June 26, 2018.

Shale's $2 Billion Natural Gas Leak Shows Bigger Climate Hit 06-26-2018 | Bloomberg

Originally published June 22, 2018.

Longmont anti-fracking group ceases its organized efforts 06-26-2018 | Longmont Times-Call

Originally published June 22, 2018.

U.S. Shale Companies Motor Ahead Despite OPEC 06-26-2018 | Wall Street Journal

Originally published June 24, 2018.

Rising Oil Prices Pump Up Prospects for Permian Basin Towns 06-26-2018 | Wall Street Journal

U.S. shale executive pushes OPEC to gradually boost output 06-22-2018 | Reuters

Originally published June 20, 2018.

As OPEC Meets to Lift Output, Big Oil Companies Are Holding Back 06-22-2018 | Wall Street Journal

Originally published June 21, 2018.

OPEC Nears Deal to Lift Oil Production 06-22-2018 | Wall Street Journal

Originally published June 21, 2018.

Studies show groundwater holding own against drilling boom 06-22-2018 | Associated Press

Originally published June 18, 2018.

Scottish government wins fracking case against energy giant Ineos 06-22-2018 | Reuters

Originally published June 19, 2018.

Oil Industry Tries to Take the Fracking Boom Global 06-22-2018 | The Wall Street Journal

Originally published June 19, 2018.

Rick Perry Wants to Help Argentina Be More Like Texas 06-18-2018 | Bloomberg

Originally published June 15, 2018.

Utah drillers import fracking sand from Wisconsin, but there may a cheaper place to buy it right inside the Beehive State 06-18-2018 | Salt Lake Tribute

Originally published June 17, 2018.

Study: Bradford County water quality improving despite shale gas drilling 06-18-2018 | StateImpact Pennsylvania

OPEC Fights Back 06-18-2018 | Bloomberg

Permian Basin drillers are waiting on new pipelines, and it's going to be a long wait 06-04-2018 | Dallas Morning News

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