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Daily Fracking News

Each day, the Vinson & Elkins Fracking Task Force reviews news headlines and blog posts to hand pick the stories and commentary most relevant to our clients involved in shale and fracking. 

BHP Hires Barclays, Citi for US Shale Gas Divestment: Sources 08-31-2017 | New York Times

Fracking Frenzy Shifts to Thrift in Canada Race to Tap Shale 08-31-2017 | Bloomberg

Hurricane Harvey highlights biggest impact of shale-oil revolution 08-29-2017 | MarketWatch

Originally published Aug. 28, 2017.

Harvey’s Widespread Destruction Tests U.S. Shale 08-29-2017 | Wall Street Journal

Shale producers are dropping rigs and adding hedges, ESAI Energy says 08-24-2017 | WorldOil

Originally published Aug. 23, 2017

Anadarko shale basin lands Oklahoma on EIA map 08-23-2017 | UPI.com

Originally published Aug.  15, 2017

Regulators seek more details on state's first fracking permit 08-23-2017 | The State Journal-Register

Originally published Aug. 15, 2017

Pullback in US fracking sand use pressures producers 08-23-2017 | Reuters

Originally published Aug. 15, 2017

US Shale Output Adds Pressure To Canadian Gas Producers 08-23-2017 | Oil and Gas Investor

Originally published Aug. 22, 2017

Mexico Looks to Replicate US Shale Success 08-23-2017 | Oil & Gas 360

Originally published Aug. 22, 2017

When Will Mexico Start To Frack For Natural Gas? 08-22-2017 | Forbes

Originally published Aug. 19, 2017

Fracking Jobs Prove Elusive for Coal Miners Looking to Switch 08-18-2017 | Bloomberg

The Boom in West Texas Sand Mines Could Cut Frackers' Logistics Costs By 40% 08-17-2017 | Houston Chronicle

Originally published Aug. 16, 2017

UK Fracking May Produce Less Fuel Than Claimed, Says Geologist 08-17-2017 | The Guardian

Growing Shale Output Drags Oil Prices Lower 08-17-2017 | The Wall Street Journal

Fracking Boom: U.S. Shale Oil Output to Top 6 Million Barrels a Day in August and September 08-16-2017 | CNBC

Originally published Aug. 14, 2017

U.S. Oil Drillers Keep Pressure on OPEC With Record Shale Output 08-16-2017 | Bloomberg

Originally published Aug. 14, 2017

China to Develop New Shale Gas Fields, Plans Guizhou Auction This Week 08-16-2017 | The New York Times

Originally published Aug. 15, 2017

Obama-Era Methane Rules Hurdle New Challenge 08-11-2017 | Courthouse News Service

Louisiana Port Project Could Define Ceiling for Shale Oil Demand 08-10-2017 | Houston Chronicle

Shipping Giant Says Shale Boom Ends OPEC's Power to Crush 08-10-2017 | Bloomberg

New State Law May Keep Anti-Fracking Measure Off November Ballot 08-09-2017 | Youngstown Vindicator

Originally published Aug. 8, 2017

Interior’s Plan for Sage Grouse Could Loosen Protections 08-08-2017 | Wall Street Journal

Originally published Aug. 7, 2017

BP finds fertile ground for shale gas in New Mexico 08-08-2017 | Houston Chronicle

Originally published Aug. 8, 2017

Shale drilling could finally make money in 2020, Wood Mac says 08-01-2017 | Houston Chronicle

Originally published July 31, 2017

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