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V&E Sponsors Inaugural Kayo Women’s Real Estate Investment Summit 2017

V&E was a gold sponsor of Kayo’s inaugural Women’s Real Estate Investment Summit, which took place Monday, April 24th and Tuesday, April 25th in Brooklyn. With over 60 speakers and approximately 200 attendees from 18 states and four countries, the summit showcased diverse perspectives on trends in the real estate and hospitality sectors, with an exciting focus on the experiences of women professionals in the industry.

V&E partner Daniel LeBey led a fireside chat with Laurie Hawkes, co-founder of American Residential Properties, providing an overview of the initial public offering process and the advantages and disadvantages of reaching public company status. Along with Daniel, V&E associate Caroline Lamberti participated in group discussions over lunch, with a focus on real estate capital markets trends.

Additional V&E conference attendees included partner David Freed and associates Courtney Hammond, Julie Monier and Victoria Short.

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KAYO Conference_050517_7
Pictured: V&E associate Caroline Lamberti

KAYO Conference_050517_3
Pictured: V&E associate Victoria Short

KAYO Conference_05052017_4
Pictured: V&E partner Daniel LeBey and Laurie Hawkes, Co-Founder and Former President, American Residential Properties

KAYO Conderence_050517_1

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