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United to Learn Community Campus Day, Anne Frank Elementary

Saturday, March 3, 2018 | Dallas, TX

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, 25 volunteers, including V&E lawyers and their families, gathered at Anne Frank Elementary school in North Dallas to create a “Peace Room” for its students. The room will serve to help counsel children in a space that provides a supportive and nurturing environment for socioemotional growth and development.

V&E volunteers included: Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar (CCL), Michael Bielby (FIN), Alan Bogdanow (MACM), Marco Chan (FIN), Grace-Ann W. Duquette (MACM), Shan Khan (FIN), Cameron Land (MACM), Jim Markus (FIN), Lila Marsh (RE), Daniel Nappier (MACM), Lindsey Pryor (CCL), Alex Robertson (MACM), Chris Rowley (MACM), Alex Turner (MACM)

United to Learn is a non-profit organization supporting Dallas ISD by using research-based best practices to eliminate resource gaps and improve early literacy for students in North Dallas. Its Community Campus Day event brought volunteers together for campus improvement projects across 24 Dallas ISD elementary schools. Each project aimed to

  • support positive social emotional health for students and teachers,
  • promote literacy and a love of reading, and
  • build a more aspirational and welcoming campus environment.

The V&E volunteer team was spearheaded by partner Alan Bogdanow and associate Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar.


Photographed: V&E partners Chris Rowley (MACM) and Jim Markus (FIN)


Photographed: V&E counsel Lila Marsh (RE) 


Photographed: V&E counsel Mike Bielby (FIN)

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