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The Trouble With Emojis: Emerging Legal Issues and Proposed Business Responses

Emojis — the picture symbols that are so commonplace in texts and instant messages — pose a growing legal threat to businesses. As emojis multiply and increasingly appear in corporate communications, they create a surprising degree of liability exposure. Indeed, over 150 reported court decisions to date have involved the use and interpretation of emojis, in business contexts spanning breach of contract, discrimination, and harassment.

The trouble with emojis stems from their ability to create huge misunderstandings — and even unintended contracts — given their huge variety, their often subjective and multiple meanings, and their different appearances across messaging platforms. This interactive program explored the communication disconnects and legal problems arising from emojis, including case studies and quizzes to test your knowledge of emojis’ meanings, and offered targeted responses to help protect businesses from legal liability.

This presentation was recorded and current as of June 27, 2019. Content viewed after this date may no longer be current.

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