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Energy Series

Representations and Warranties Insurance in Energy M&A: An Old Product Gets a New Look

Representations and warranties insurance is fast becoming a standard feature of M&A deals, including recent M&A deals in the energy space. This program looked at the use of this insurance product with a specific focus on energy M&A deals.

The panelists discussed:

  • How to use R&W insurance at all stages of the deal (letter of intent, due diligence, pre-closing, post-closing integration)
  • Basics of R&W insurance: what is covered, how it is placed and negotiated, and pricing mechanics (premium, deductible, limits)
  • Drafting considerations in M&A agreements
  • R&W insurance considerations for private equity and strategic buyers
  • Anatomy of an R&W claim: how the claims process works, R&W insurance industry data on claims made and paid, and case studies of actual claims

Thank you to our guest speaker, Craig Schioppo, Managing Director at March USA, Inc. for joining us for this discussion.

This presentation was recorded and current as of April 11, 2018. Content viewed after this date may no longer be current.

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