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Patents in the “Age of Experience”: Valuable Property Right or Useless Relic?

It is not news that technology has permeated and revolutionized practically every industry on the planet. While 25 years ago, the dawn of the internet ushered in the “Information Age,” we now find ourselves at the dawn of what some have dubbed the “Experience Age.”

Patent protection and value exploded during the early stages of the Information Age. But over the past 10 years, the value of patent rights has been eroded as both courts and congressmen have taken steps to stem perceived patent litigation abuse, fundamentally changing patent owners’ rights. And still more patent reform appears to be on the way. As we transition into a new “age,” will patent rights continue to decline in value and usefulness, or will they too enjoy a new dawn? Join us in exploring where patents fit in the Age of Experience.

This presentation was recorded and current as of April 11, 2017. Content viewed after this date may no longer be current.

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