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Eighth Annual Hydraulic Fracturing Symposium

On October 3, 2018, V&E hosted our annual seminar discussing timely topics surrounding unconventional oil and gas development.

Our shale and hydraulic fracturing legal team provided a comprehensive analysis of significant technological innovations, evolving industry practices, environmental and regulatory developments, market trends, safety considerations, and litigation risks affecting the industry.

To view the presentation from this event, please download the PDF above. 

This presentation was recorded and current as of October 3, 2018. Content viewed after this date may no longer be current.


Watch the Full Presentations


Welcome & Introduction (00:08:21)

V&E's Shale & Fracking Tracker Overview (00:06:44)

Regulatory Update (00:36:11)

Litigation Update (00:24:44)

Safety/OSHA Update (00:14:48)

Market Update (00:15:11)

Q&A (00:06:26)


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