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A Profile of V&E’s Energy Appellate Practice

Marie Yeates, co-chair of V&E's Appellate practice, and Appellate partner Michael Heidler have deep experience handling energy appeals, particularly in Texas and Louisiana.

In a series of videos, they explain their successful approach that has helped achieve landmark decisions and what makes this niche practice invaluable to clients. V&E have handled legal issues of paramount importance to the industry, such as:

  • Interpretation of the model form joint operating agreement
  • Calculation of royalties in a tertiary oil recovery operation
  • Test for common carrier pipeline status
  • Lease cancellation
  • Provisions of leases, such as areas of mutual interest agreements and free gas clauses
  • Tax appeals
  • Insurance coverage for significant events

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Marie Yeates, Co-Chair

Video Length (00:03:11)

Michael Heidler, Partner

Video Length (00:01:46)