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A New Slew of Oil and Gas Regulations: What You Need to Know

A New Slew of Oil and Gas Regulations: What You Need to Know

V&E Environmental Law Update E-communication, May 18, 2016

On May 12, 2016, EPA issued a slate of final rules and an information request under the Clean Air Act (the “Act” or “CAA”) directed at the oil and gas industry. 

EPA has:

  • established regulations for methane and volatile organic compound (“VOC”) emissions from new, modified, and reconstructed sources in the oil and gas sector, which EPA anticipates will impact 13,000 oil wells, 94,000 well pads, and hundreds of compressor stations by 2020;
  • taken additional steps towards regulating methane emissions from existing oil and gas sources by requesting information from the industry in support of developing standards;
  • redefined the boundaries of the “source” used to determine whether air permitting requirements apply; and
  • adopted a federal plan for new minor sources of emissions from oil and gas production in Indian country.

These rules will have widespread application to the oil and gas industry, including production, processing, transmission, and storage. Read the entire article here.

For more information, please contact Vinson & Elkins lawyers Larry Nettles, Eric Groten, George Wilkinson, Margaret Peloso, or Rachel Comeskey. Visit our website to learn more about V&E’s Environmental and Natural Resources or Climate Change practices, or e-mail one of the practice contacts

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