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Facebook Faces Another Consequence of Its Privacy Problems: Shareholder Lawsuits

After months of being on the hot-seat on Capitol Hill, in the press, and among its users, Facebook is now facing a pair of shareholder suits alleging that it misled investors about its expected revenues and user growth. These suits compound the privacy problems that recently plagued the company, and they also reflect the impact of new European privacy legislation.

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  • 27
  • July
  • 2017


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Disrupting the Disrupters: Shareholder Activism @ Tech Companies – Part II

In Part I, we described the current shareholder activism environment and the significant and consistent focus of shareholder activists on tech companies of all sizes. We also described how your company’s structural defenses, including your organizational documents and shelf “poison pill,” can be optimized to address an activist situation. In Part II, we now describe three advance preparation steps that we believe are essential for tech companies in the current activist environment.

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  • 25
  • July
  • 2017


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Disrupting the Disrupters: Shareholder Activism @ Tech Companies, Part I

The technology sector is obsessed with disruption. And for good reason: so-called disruptive technologies have completely revolutionized industries ranging from transportation and hospitality to finance and advanced genomics. But publicly traded technology companies around the world have also become the subject of a very different type of disruption: shareholder activism.

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