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High-Tech Law & Litigation Blog

  • 21
  • November
  • 2017


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Suggestion and Innuendo Held Insufficient To Create Federal Jurisdiction in Qualcomm Patent Licensing Litigation

Qualcomm scored a victory in one of the many battles in its war with Apple and others surrounding licensing practices for baseband processors. In July, Apple — which is suing Qualcomm for allegedly overcharging for licenses to use its chip patents and withholding over a billion dollars in royalties — amended a pending complaint to add claims relating to an additional nine patents-in-suit. In August, Qualcomm moved to dismiss the additional claims relating to those nine patents on the grounds that the court lacked declaratory judgment jurisdiction to hear the claims. This month, the Southern District of California dismissed the additional claims, agreeing with Qualcomm that jurisdiction did not exist.

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  • 30
  • August
  • 2017

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Qualcomm and Apple Further Their Dispute About Whether Certain Patents Are, In Fact, Disputed

A series of motions in the ongoing battle between tech blue chips Qualcomm and Apple about whether the Southern District of California (or any federal court) has jurisdiction to hear additional patents-in-suit in Apple’s amended complaint raises the question of exactly what actions a patent holder must undertake to create an actual case or controversy for a patent-law declaratory judgment action.

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  • 20
  • July
  • 2017


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Qualcomm, Feeling the Squeeze as Apple and iPhone Manufacturers Cut Off Royalties, Moves to the Offensive

A recent suit by mobile phone chips giant Qualcomm shows the debilitating business effects that can follow from a government antitrust investigation.

The Federal Trade Commission filed suit in January 2017 against Qualcomm for alleged antitrust violations, which set off a cascade of litigation against the company, the world’s largest maker of baseband chips. A suit by Apple quickly followed the FTC’s complaint, and dozens of civil cases making similar allegations came after that. As part of its litigation strategy, Apple started withholding royalties for Qualcomm’s technology, and instructed its iPhone manufacturers to do the same.

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Welcome to V&E's High-Tech Law & Litigation Blog

Welcome to the High-Tech Law and Litigation Blog, which offers updates and insights about important cases and other legal developments affecting the all-important technology sector of the economy. We are Vinson & Elkins attorneys who practice in different areas but have one fundamental thing in common: clients and personal interests that intersect with the technology industry. Our goal is to provide a resource for those seeking to stay abreast of the law shaping – and sometimes shaped by – the rapidly changing world of technology.

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