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Managing the Modern Workplace
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Recap of #MeToo in the Energy Industry

Yesterday, Chris Bacon and Grace Ho made a presentation in Vinson & Elkins’ Energy Series on the specific challenges that the #MeToo movement presents to the energy industry. Chris and Grace addressed such issues as:

(1) What makes an effective anti-harassment training program?

(2) How do you handle a complaint that involves top management and when should the Board get involved?; and 

(3) Is termination of the alleged harasser the only option when a complaint is made?

Chris and Grace pointed out that the #MeToo movement is not concerned only about sexual harassment but also ensuring that women have a voice at the table, receive meaningful mentoring, and equal pay for equal work. In the next couple of weeks, Chris and Grace will be addressing some of these issues in this blog. Stay tuned.

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Christopher V. Bacon

Christopher V. Bacon Counsel