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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

V&E’s labor and employment blog is intended to examine the evolving New International Workplace and the laws that apply to it. Each week, we will discuss new labor developments, chronicling the changes in the modern workplace, and how employment laws are evolving and being applied to it. 

If you have any questions or ideas about the content you read here, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us, or send an email to one of the lawyers below.

Meet the authors of Managing the Modern Workplace.

Thomas H. Wilson

Thomas H. Wilson Partner

Every blog needs an historian, someone with memory of times long before there were such things as blogs. Tom has over 30 years of labor practice and workplace observation and is here in an attempt to remind readers of history’s lessons before they risk repeating mistakes of the past. He has led cases in Texas state courts and before the United States Supreme Court; has been on the scene of significant industrial accidents; and traveled around the world – to Beijing, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, and London most recently – advising clients on global employment matters. He hopes to share pieces of this diverse experience as we uncover solutions and predict trends.

Christopher V. Bacon

Christopher V. Bacon Counsel

When Chris taught high school in his twenties, he was happiest when he taught five different subjects and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to teach the same thing five times a day. For the last twenty-five years, Chris has embraced this same diversification as an employment lawyer: he may begin his day explaining to an Italian lawyer (in Italian) how American employment law is different from European law, or trying to learn from an Algerian lawyer (in French) whether someone can be engaged as an Independent contractor in the Middle East. Chris may then shift gears and prepare an expert witness in an OSHA or MSHA case or evaluate union obligations and employment visas for a seller company in an M&A transaction. For Chris, the joy of being an employment lawyer is that he is constantly learning new things and helping his clients solve problems.

Sean Becker

Sean Becker Partner

Sean is a member of the Texas and Massachusetts bars who advises clients on a broad spectrum of employment matters. While he may be new to blogging, he regularly provides counsel with respect to non-competition issues, has litigated a wide range of employment-related cases, and has managed the employment aspects of hundreds of transactions.  

Stephen M. Jacobson

Stephen M. Jacobson Partner

As an executive compensation and employee benefits lawyer, Stephen has the opportunity to help public and private companies, boards of directors, private equity funds, management teams and individual executives navigate the tax, securities law, corporate governance and other regulatory complexities of all types of compensation and benefit arrangements. Stephen looks forward to sharing insights from the compensation and benefits perspective.

Martin C. Luff

Martin Luff Counsel

Over the last 10 years, Martin has enjoyed a varied career as an employment lawyer on both sides of the Atlantic. He started his career in London before heading to the United States, where he spent six years in V&E’s Houston office. Now back in London, Martin counsels clients around the world on U.S., English and international labor and employment matters. He advises on all aspects of employment law, including employment aspects of corporate transactions, day-to-day personnel matters and employment litigation. He is looking forward to sharing his insights and perspective on the legal issues impacting organizations with global workforces.

Lawrence S. Elbaum Partner

For over a decade, Lawrence has built a national practice representing public companies, private investment funds and executives in a broad spectrum of employee movement disputes. These disputes are often “fire drills,” involving complex employment, equity compensation and partnership agreements as well as the appropriation of trade secrets and other intellectual property. Lawrence particularly enjoys leveraging his experiences in successfully resolving scores of these types of matters to help clients draft agreements in order minimize the risk of protracted litigation. He devotes the balance of his practice – based in New York City - to securities, complex commercial and bankruptcy litigation for clients across a diverse array of industries.

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