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False Claims Act Statistics, News & Analysis

  • 24
  • August
  • 2016

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Welcome to Lincoln’s Law Blog (LLB), offering (if we have succeeded) practically everything you wanted to know about the False Claims Act, the Civil War-era statute that has become the government’s primary civil fraud enforcement tool. We are Vinson & Elkins attorneys who not only focus in this area of law, but actually get excited about it. The FCA has been up to the Supreme Court twice in two Terms – offering circuit splits galore and difficult and challenging legal issues. Our goal is to provide a resource for those seeking to learn more about the FCA and stay current on developments of the law and the latest enforcement trends.

Our site offers resources for the less familiar – including the text of the statute, a comprehensive glossary explaining in plain English the various doctrines, noting key cases and disputes, and analysis of the latest judicial decisions and significant settlements.

We understand there are other blogs and content sources that offer similar news and analysis – so what we hope will draw and keep your attention is our FCA ticker and heat map, where we track FCA recoveries in real time throughout the fiscal year. No longer will you have to piece together Pacer reports or wait until the DOJ’s annual FCA report. Because our team consistently tracks DOJ and media announcements about FCA recoveries, we are gathering in one place up-to-date information about where FCA recoveries are occurring, when, and in what type of cases. This data is then fed into the interactive displays for your ease of reference, including a heat map showing distribution of recoveries both by circuit and across industries. 

Check back frequently for updated statistics, news about developing trends and controversies, and of course blog posts on the latest FCA happenings. 

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