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False Claims Act Statistics, News & Analysis

FCA Recoveries Map

The FCA Recoveries Map shows, by circuit, in which jurisdictions DOJ has obtained the most total dollars in FCA recoveries and the highest number of FCA recoveries. Toggle between the dollars recovered and number of recoveries using the button at the bottom of the map, and see a breakdown of recoveries in a circuit by industry by clicking on that circuit. To learn how we gather this data, check out our Methodology.

Circuit Court Recoveries

11th10th9th8th7th6th5th4th3rd2nd1stAlaska (9th)Hawaii (9th)Puerto Rico(1st)D.C.Federal& OtherVirgin Islands(3rd)$0$1 - $62.5M$62.5M - $125M$125M - $187.5M$187.5M - $250M$250M - $312.5M$312.5M - $375M$375M - $437.5M$437.5M - $500M$500M+$Toggle to switch heat map between dollars recovered and number of recoveries.Loading map data...
Map renders best when using Google Chrome. Internet Explorer users, double click a circuit to see a breakdown of recoveries.