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False Claims Act Statistics, News & Analysis

  • 01
  • December
  • 2017

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Data Correction

Thanks to the careful reading of one of LLB’s followers, we have learned of two errors in our statistical reporting for FY 2017. We strive to record data accurately and in real time, but appreciate input from readers to help us correct the inevitable (and hopefully only occasional) mistakes. With gratitude, we have now adjusted the statistics to reflect the following:

  • The Allied Mortgage jury verdict was inadvertently recorded twice in our statistics – once at the original amount awarded by the jury, and again as a second entry recording the total amount after trebling and assessment of penalties. To correct for this, we have removed the first entry from our records, resulting in a decrease of $92,982,775 and one recovery from the year’s totals.
  • The CMC II jury verdict was inadvertently not updated following trebling and assessment of penalties on that award.  Although payment of the final amount has been stayed pending appeal, we still should have recorded that number as it remained valid as of the close of the fiscal year.  To correct for this, we have adjusted the monetary value of the CMC II entry in our records to reflect the larger amount, resulting in an increase of $231,862,905 of recovery for the year’s totals.

All in all, the result of these corrections is a net increase of $138,880,130 for FY 2017. We have updated our prior analysis of the year’s trends here, here, and here, to reflect these changes. Thanks again to the reader who pointed out these errors, and we hope to hear from more of you as the new year begins – it is a pleasure to get feedback from our followers, and your careful inspection helps keep the data as accurate as possible.

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