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False Claims Act Statistics, News & Analysis

Bon Voyage, US ex rel ABLE v. US Bank: Cert. Denied in CVSG’d Public Disclosure Case

We have been writing about the relator’s cert. petition in U.S. ex rel. ABLE v. US Bank, 16-130, since the earliest days of LLB, but today we say good-bye to that petition about the public disclosure bar because the Supreme Court denied cert, as the Solicitor General recommended. In other news, because the “ex rel.” might catch some readers’ eyes, we note that the Court also denied cert. in U.S. ex rel. Bauchwitz v. Holloman, 16-1185, a cert. petition we did not cover because despite being a qui tam, it did not raise FCA issues. For a summary of the four FCA cert. petitions still pending, take a look at last week’s FCA Cert. Monitor post.

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